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Timothy McGee/Sean Murray Icons
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This is an icon community set for Timothy McGee/Sean Murray. He needs more fans and I'm one of them.
Well, first off. I would like to thank you for joining this community. I would like to be the first to say, WELCOME TO i_mcgee.

This community is where you can post your fan art of Sean Murray/Timothy McGee or anything to do with NCIS. Please take the time and read the rule before joining.
Amanda: arrogant_bytch
Jen: jigsawed
Read the following below.

. Post your OWN icons. ( example )
. You must upload with http://photobucket.com, http://imageshack.us or http://tinypic.com . Or any uploading site you wish.
. If you comment on anyone's icons, please don't be rude. You can leave tips about how to do coloring, or how to use a program.
. You may get friends to join.
. You must not use other peoples icons and use them as your own. That will get you kicked off the community.
. ALL icons must be 100 x 100.
. You can display 4 icons and the rest must be LJ cut.
. If you would like advertise a site or community, it is fine as long as it's nothing sexual.
. Do not insult others work.
. NEVER. And I mean, NEVER credit yourself for others work or edit.
. If you join the community, please try and post. If you don't post within a week of joining you will be removed.
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